Ferinefe rine [feer-ahyn, -in]

Ferine was founded with the intent of making the Internet better, one company at a time. We have years of experience in the Internet and software business. From the humble beginnings of html 1.0 we have been pushing the boundaries of what the web can do. We want to put this expertise and experience to work for you.

Ferine is also the development arm of several self owned companies. As such we accept new clients on a case by case basis. We will never undertake to many clients at once or a project we can not give our full attention to. At Ferine we always strive to exceed client expectations.

Our MantraOur commitment to your success

We are dedicated to the success of all of our clients. Ferine appreciates the opportunity that we have been given by serving our clients, and attribute our own success directly to them. Delivering effective business solutions that allow our clients to obtain their objectives, is the only way we can succeed. The foundation of our corporate culture is based on 5 key core values that serve as a commitment to our clients. Those values are:
      We understand the most valuable commodity we have as an organization is our word. We do not make exaggerated promises. We are honest in our interactions with our clients and deliver what is promised, when it is promised.
      We constantly seek new and more efficient ways to better our services for our clients. We remain current on industry trends and participate in on going education in our areas of specialization. We think creatively and promote new ideas.
      We do not meet our client's expectations, we consistently exceed their expectations. We do things right every time. We are committed to quality. We hire the best and expect the best.
      We understand that we are only as strong as the sum of our parts. We work together to complete projects in a synergistic environment. We are united and make decisions in the best interest of our co-workers, clients, and community.
      We understand that an employee must have a happy personal life to be an effective employee. We encourage mental breaks and family vacations. We promote a fun work environment.

CLIENTS Who have we helped?

BFI | Mesa Builders | First Tax | Ricoh Corporation | Compaq | Morrison Homes | Greatwood | Royce Builders | Deck and Patio | Next Card | Hewlett Packard | Southwest Airlines | Tonic | Urban Leather | EDS | Volvo | Imperial Homes | Telegistics | Emission Credit Brokers | North Beach Leather | Lean Meals | Leather Center | Enron | Petrolog | TPCNet | Epic Realm | PFM Wireless | Lubchem | Mattress Firm | CBS | Harley-Davidson | Thunder Mountain Choppers | BMC | The Social Book | I Do Exchange | Diagnostic Affiliates | Go Nsyan | Cypress Physician Associates | MeccaStat | Tenify | FirstTRM | The Finger Companies | Annex Houston | A Crystal Affair | Atlantia | The Bellagio | Alonso Bedolla | Art & Artisans | Cavalier Fine Art | Dimensional Machine Works | EDGARfilings | Gino Van Designs | Lilys Events | Posh Leather | SKI Europe | Wholesale Door Source